Personal Financial Management


On successfully completing this course, participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

Who is this course for?

This course is for persons from 13 years old.


This Personal Financial Management course is designed to provide the basic concepts of financial management, show you how to prepare a budget and introduce the tools to help control your spending based on that budget. It will examine debt; mortgages;  the impact of risk on decision making  and saving for more than just a rainy day.

The course provides a foundation for you to understand and effectively apply various financial tools and skills and gain confidence in your choices to achieve financial stability. It will look at ways in which the money you earn can work harder for you and give you greater security in the future.

Finally, it will assist you in the preparation of Your Personal Financial Plan.

Course Requirements

There are no prerequisites to this course.

Students should have:

  • Internet connection
  • A notebook and calculator
  • Microsoft Excel
  • OR Budgeting Apps/Software


The course is presented using text, graphics, audio, video and various interactions.

Participants will be assessed on their knowledge. Quizzes are used for scored Assessment at the end of each module. Starting with Module 1, the participant must complete each unit to successfully move to the next unit and the next module.

This course is divided as follows:

Module 1

Introduction to Financial Management

Module 2


Module 3

Saving for More Than a Rainy Day

Module 4

Debt Financing

Module 5

Investing and Creating a Personal Financial Plan


At the end of the course Participants should be able to:

  1. Create a budget and manage income and expenditure
  2. Create a statement of affairs and determine their net worth
  3. Set financial goals
  4. Understand the importance of savings
  5. Distinguish between common savings tools for short and long-term savings
  6. Understand common banking concepts
  7. Understand debt and consumer financial instruments
  8. Understand the importance of investing
  9. Make sound financial decisions
  10. Create a financial plan to meet their goals

Please Note

This dynamic, interactive course incorporates live sessions with the course facilitator and links to webpages to further enhance your learning experience. Please note that these webpages may guide you away from the NTI main learning space and therefore regular internet charges will apply for those webpages.


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