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On finishing these group courses you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion

Who are these Courses For?

  • Anyone between the ages of 16 years and older who has recently lost their jobs
  • New persons entering the job market.
  • Persons With Disabilities exploring their employment options.
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    The economic impact of COVID-19 is pushing many women and men to consider entrepreneurship as a means to make a living and create their own employment. Starting a business that lasts requires a specific mind-set to ensure you are able to overcome challenges, identify opportunities and build the support system you need. This introductory course seeks to confront participants with some of these initial questions and decisions.

    How do I come up with an idea? How can I know whether it has chances of being successful? What is a business plan and why is important that I have one? Where can I access funds for my business? And where can I access other kinds of support? These are the main questions the course covers and will have participants thinking, learning and arriving at their own personal answers.

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