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Beginners Sign Language


Beginners Sign Language


Introduction to Coding with Java

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Skills for Global Success

In a world where technical skills are not enough, learn how best to navigate the workplace with social skills, people skills, communication skills, problem-solving, work ethic, leadership, and more!

Coursera Social Impact Scholarships

Make your impact with entry-level Google certification in Project Management, UX Design, IT Support, IT Automation with Python, or Data Analytics. No previous experience required.

Change or Advance your Career and Grow Your Business

New to the job market or want to switch careers? Maybe you’re self-employed, an entrepreneur, or in HR helping develop teams. Find the right courses to help you and your people take the next step.

Tourism Academy

Tourism and hospitality are evolving. Explore this collection by course name or job function and start to upgrade your skills and learn new, transferrable ones. For BEST* and non-BEST learners who want to stay up-to-date.

*Barbados Employment and Sustainable  Transformation (BEST) Programme

Creative Academy

As a creative, continuously upgrading knowledge is key to your success. Learn the tools and business of the orange economy, from music, advertising, creative technology, and design thinking to protecting your intellectual property and product development.

Blue and Green Economy Foundations

Become a champion of sustainability and renewable energy. Discover career possibilities in ocean, wind and solar energy, geographical information systems, and agriculture among other topics.

Agriculture Hub

Building and construction

Climate Change & Environmental

Financial Advisors

Health and Wellness

Legal Practioners & Governance

Manufacturing and Retail

Sports Academy

Fundamentals of Customers and Competition with Goldman Sachs 10000 Women

Interacting with Others: Customer Orientation

Skills For Global Success

Introduction to People Analytics

Interacting with Others: Developing People

Skills For Global Success

Digital Fluency in Business: AI in Business

Skills For Global Success

Design a User Experience for Social Good & Prepare for Jobs

Digital Fluency: Web and App Development : UI/UX

Skills For Global Success

Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector

Thinking Critically: Decision Making Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

Skills For Global Success

Applications of Everyday Leadership

Staying Relevant: Agility and Adaptability

Skills For Global Success

New Courses

Online Course

In this highly practical course, Sign Language interpreter Bonnie Leonce who many of you will recognise from local media, walks you through the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL). You will start with the basics such as the alphabet and counting to 10, moving your way through to days of the week and identifying colours. By the end of the course you will be able to sign simple sentences and give a personal introduction!

Online Course

Introduction to Coding with Java

In this practical course you will learn what code is and the basic principles of programming with Java. The course level is basic so no prior experience in coding is necessary and your course instructor Chris will be there to support you along the way.

Online Course

Being the Best Bajan

This course will equip every Barbadian with the knowledge, skills and values needed to be citizens of good character and competence in a SMART Barbados that is engaging with a digital world.

The course is designed to help participants gain self-confidence and a better understanding of their place in society. 

Online Course

Occupational Safety and Health

Whether you are returning to the labour force as an employee or considering starting your own business venture, you have a role to play in reinforcing the progress made thus far in curbing the spread of COVID-19 by ensure a safe working environment.

This training is extremely vital since we are all exposed to this health threat. The learner would be exposed to preventative and protective measures for safe and healthy working conditions that mitigate against workplace related accidents.

Online Course

Core Skills

Self-Transformation and Personal Excellence

This course is designed to help participants understand interconnectedness and interdependence in the world in which we live, how it leads to change, as well as the threats and opportunities brought about by change. Additionally, it helps participants to acquire appropriate self-knowledge as well as the skills necessary to craft and implement a personal strategy to adapt to change in general and change in the workplace in particular.

Online Course

Online Safety Essentials

Being safe online means that you are actively protecting yourself from potential threats that might impact your personal information, communications and even your overall well-being.

Online Course

The economic impact of COVID-19 is pushing many women and men to consider entrepreneurship as a means to make a living and create their own employment. Starting a business that lasts requires a specific mind-set to ensure you are able to overcome challenges, identify opportunities and build the support system you need. This introductory course seeks to confront participants with some of these initial questions and decisions.

Coming Soon

Online Course

Beginners Sign Language

Online Course

Introduction to Coding with Java

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