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The Growing Together Small Business Training Programme

The Coca-Cola Caribbean System and Barbados Bottling Company have teamed up with the National Transformation Initiative (NTI) to offer the Growing Together Small Business Training Programme.

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A programme that provides training and resources on business ownership and management that supports your future decisions, creates economic growth for your retail businesses and enhances your personal development.

As part of the Coca-Cola Caribbean System,  the Barbados Bottling Company continues to grow its beverage portfolio and expand choice with products such as Coca-Cola No Sugar. They seek to enhance opportunities for customers to grow their business while marketing new, reduced calorie and zero sugar beverages.  This programme is available to customers of the Barbados Bottling Company and itinerant vendors are also welcome to apply.

The Growing Together Small Business Training programme is offered in partnership with the National Transformation Initiative.

Who is this for?

The Growing Together Small Business Training Programme targets the owners and operators of the following types of businesses:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Fruit including Coconuts

Topics covered in this programme:

The programme covers the opening and six (6) modules:

Orientation: Transforming you and Growing Together

  1. Small Business Ownership and Being a Micro Entrepreneur
  2. Enhancing My Business Through Customer Service
  3. Small Business Finances
  4. Attracting Customers and Generating Value for My Business
  5. Applying Innovation for Business Growth
  6. Refreshing the World and Making a Difference (self-paced)


“Thank you NTI for all the tutors and for the knowledge provided…it was a wonderful experience.” -Giselle

“It was a great experience. Definitely don’t feel like coals were taken to Newcastle lol. I am honestly glad I took the opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the information, organization and tools provided! Will recommend to all my fellow entrepreneurs. Excellent programme!” – Heidi 


Module 1 - Small Business Ownership and Being a Micro Entrepreneur


This Micro-entrepreneurship module is curriculum-
based and will introduce participants to the
fundamentals of entrepreneurship and management.
They will learn how to recognize business
opportunities and move from ideas to a successful
business, using the Business Canvas Model. They will
be introduced to the elements of a Business Plan and
learn how to present this plan orally and visually. The
overall aim is to assist local merchants\small owners
to be more efficient in the market.


Module 2 - Enhancing my Business through Customer Service


The economic impact of COVID-19 continues to take its toll on individuals and businesses of all sizes especially within the small and medium sector.

In a highly competitive and commoditized business market characterized by ever increasing customer expectations, the quality of customer service becomes a critical differentiator.

This workshop aims to equip participants with the insights and skills to consistently deliver excellent customer service.


Module 3 - Small Business Finances


This module is specifically designed to provide small
business owners with an understanding of the basic
concepts, principles, procedures, and techniques
underlying basic financial information for managers
and internal users. Key decision areas would be to
assess the company’s economic data to manage
finances. The module will provide SMEs with the
comprehensive understanding that allows them to
utilize accounting data to make decisions related to
the business’ performance.


Module 4 - Attracting Customers and Generating Value for my business


Having an idea is not enough, and that is where many entrepreneurs get stuck.

This workshop will show entrepreneurs how to simplify their business into nine (9) important compartments and develop a simple tangible go-to-market strategy.

They will learn everything from business planning essentials to the most used business strategies in sales, marketing and developing strategic partnerships.


Module 5 – Applying Innovation for Business Growth


This workshop is designed to provide participants with the frameworks, tools, and perspectives needed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize the creativity and innovation process. 

Learn how to better commercialize ideas that lead to enhancements to existing products, or to bringing new, innovative, and customer-oriented products and services to the marketplace.


Module 6 – Refreshing the World and Making A Difference


We believe that each one of us can make a difference in the communities we live and work in. 

This module will focus on how community involvement can bring about positive, measurable change to the communities in which local vendors operate and the resulting impact on their business. 

It is self-paced learning module.  It’s completion is mandatory to concluding the Growing Together training programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a bit lost. How can I get help?

You’re not alone on the NTI-Coursera platform. If you feel stuck or need help at any point, contact us here or contact our e-learner support desk at (246) 232-8566.

How can I find enough time to study?

One way to commit to your free Coursera online classes is to make a schedule that includes a reasonable amount of time to focus on studying. Here’s something we like to try: Give up that favourite series or social media scrolling for just 30 minutes a day. Start with that, see how much you can get done in that time, and adjust your time accordingly. You can even set a reminder on your phone daily or weekly so that you don’t miss your window to study.

How do I collect my certificate when I finish a course?

All course certificates are easily downloadable after completion. You can save them to your computer, share them on your social media pages, or print them to have them handy to showcase the achievement of your new skills.

I'm interested in joining the programme, what is required?
  1. You must be an active customer of Barbados Bottling Company (BBC) to participate in the programme. All BBC customers must provide the name of the programme participant, business name and address, and seven (7) digit customer number assigned by BBC.  The customer number is required to participate in any special promotions offered through the Growing Together programme.

  2. If you are an itinerant vendor and not a BBC customer, please include your name, business name and address on the registration page.  A special code has been assigned to itinerant vendors: 0010000.
How can I sign up?
  1. You need to complete the registration form included at the top of the website.  Please ensure that you include the name of your business, unique customer number or itinerant vendor code. 
How long does the programme last?
  1. The programme will run for 4 weeks.  Each required session is approximately 90 minutes with 4 sessions in total.
  2. There is a self-paced module called “Refreshing the World and Making a Difference Together” that will introduce you to the Coca-Cola System social, community and environmental priorities.  It addresses how each one of us can make a difference  in the communities we live and work in. This module is mandatory and can be completed it at any point during the programme. We suggest completion before the end of the programme.
Do I have to have a computer and internet to take the classes?
  1. The programme will be offered on the ZOOM on-line platform. You will need an internet connection and either a computer (mobile or desktop) or mobile device of your preference (tablet, cellular phone).
If I only take 2 modules, will I be considered for the graduation activities and special promotions?
  1. To graduate from the Growing Together training programme, you must complete all 6 modules.
  2. With completion of all modules, you will receive an accredited certification and participate in a graduation event.  BBC customers must provide their seven (7) digit customer number to have access to special programme promotions.
Can I finish in less time than the stipulated?
    1. The programme is managed on a set schedule by NTI instructors.
I’m a business owner, but I want my employees to sign up too… Am I able to do this?
  1. If an employee is involved in the daily management of your business, please feel free to enroll them. A separate registration form is required for each individual from your business participating in the programme.

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Module 1 - Small Business Ownership and Being a Micro Entrepreneur
Module 2 - Enhancing my Business through Customer Service
Module 3 - Small Business Finances
Module 4 - Attracting Customers and Generating Value for my business
Module 5 – Applying Innovation for Business Growth
Module 6 – Refreshing the World and Making A Difference

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